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Product Development

Our Approach

ResTech elevates ideas to commercial reality through Design Thinking. Our user-centric approach is constantly aiming at the balance of the feasibility, viability and desirability of the new solution, the Innovation Trifecta (originated from IDEO in the early 00’s)

To develop our solution, we use a stage gate process, D4P – Discover, Prove, Prototype, Pilot and Product, which is underpinned by the Technology Readiness Level scale created by NASA in the 70s. This process enables the control of the development of new solutions while promoting creativity.

TRL Process ResTech

Is it Real?

Is it Worth doing? Can it Win?

The Discover Phase (TRL0) is aiming at answer three simple questions about the proposed product: Is it real? Is it worth doing? Can it win in the market? This is the preliminary assessment of the innovation trifecta: feasibility, desirability and viability.


Fail fast!

Fail early!

Fail cheap!

The Prove Phase (TRL1-3) is focused on de-risking innovation trifecta by testing the big assumption and potential show-stoppers that may impact the product development or its commerciality. Interview of potential users and consumers, model prototyping, experiments and physical demonstration… The key motto of this phase is: Fail fast! Fail early! Fail cheap!


From idea to

design freeze

Now that we know that we can do it and that it will be a commercial success, the Prototype Phase (TRL4 and 5) is about making the first iteration (α-Proto) of the product to test in a controlled environment, then the second iteration (β-Proto) to test in the field with the users. This phase finishes with the design freeze of the product.


The first pancakes…

The Pilot phase (TRL8) marks the shift from development to production environment: Productioneering. In this phase, it is all about setting up and testing the production of the product: supply chain, fabrication and assembly lines, testing facility, channel to markets… Everything is trialled, tested and smoothed ready for production


Put it in a box and sell it

The Produce Phase (TRL9) is leading to the end of the development process. The product is in the market and is flying off the shelves. The work now consists of maintaining, upgrading and iterating the product based on customer and user feedback. New features or attributes can and will be implemented until the product is retired.


Product Success



SAPS are self-sufficient power generation systems designed to provide a continuous, reliable power supply to an isolated consumption source.  Designed to replace the traditional ‘poles and wires’ grid connection, SAPS utilise an array of technology including solar PV panels, inverters and battery storage to supply a consistent, clean, off-grid power source.


The IPE Integrated Protection Relay provides the complete protection solution for electrical outlets in underground coal mines.  All of the protection functions are combined into a compact, plug-in unit, which can be easily changed out to minimise down time.

Screenshot 2022-10-14 130601_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-14 130913_edited.jpg


The Burn Brite ISLEDi is the latest innovation in lighting and safety from Ampcontrol for underground coal mines.  Supporting the move towards autonomous operations, the ISLEDi not only provides general longwall illumination, but incorporates smart functionalities by identifying potential risks to personnel.


The Gilghi remote water unit uses advance filtering technology and is a breakthrough water solution.  With a range of configurations and a plug and play commissioning process, the Gilghi is a simple solution to a variety of applications.



Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter is a multifunction outlet starter designed for use in underground hard rock mining. Compared to traditional starters, the Rockstarter has a completely integrated approach to provide customers with a more versatile and commoditised solution.


The next evolution in our Gasguard range of sensors and controllers designed to tolerate harsh mining and infrastructure conditions is now available.   Gasguard 2 comprises of an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia I Ma) display module which allows for the display and transmission of detector data and system information.

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