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Consulting Services

Power Engineering

We provide specialist power electrical engineering services, including technical support, investigation, verification and validation. ResTech has the tools and experience to simulate power quality scenarios and analyse electrical equipment failures. ResTech clients include mining operations, chemical plants, metal electrolytic plants and aluminium smelters.

Power Engineering
EX Hazard

Hazardous Area

With extensive experience in explosion protection, we can help developers meet their Ex certification requirements. Whether it is a new design, an existing product, or a one-off requirement, we provide expert advice and assistance to guide you through the development and certification process.

R&D as a Service

Restech is a key partner for large commercial customers in the realisation of their technology roadmaps. We help our clients tackle their real-world technical roadblocks so they can achieve their own growth targets and vision. Leveraging the D4P framework, we undertake concept and ideation sprints, followed by focussed prototyping and testing to quickly determine technical and commercial feasibility, and then moving through to full technology development. We work closely with our clients to steer technology development towards meaningful commercial outcomes.

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Research Commercialisation

As research outcomes mature, it is important to select the right partner to bridge the gap from fundamental science to real-world use. Restech has a deep pedigree in the delivery of impacting technologies based on low-TRL ‘seed’ research. By taking a stage-gated approach to product development, we can control both technical and commercial risk, and build a focussed understanding of user impact along the way..

Research Acceleration

Research activities can be time consuming and laborious. We take the time to understand your process and needs. Though extensive product development knowledge and experience, along with our ties to higher education and industry, we find ways to streamline and simplify research activities. In turn, this allows our research clients to focus on the ‘real science’ of their research topic and move faster towards publishing and commercialization.

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