Enabling your ideas

If you have a new concept, or a fresh take on current practice, why not give it the best chance and let ResTech breathe it into life? If there’s an obscure algorithm that unlocks the problem or a research paper that holds the key, ResTech has the expertise necessary to connect the dots.

ResTech provides innovative product development solutions in electrical and electronic engineering by offering clients unique access to experienced research and development personnel. Combining contemporary and fundamental knowledge with extensive expertise in a range of fields, ResTech offers product proof of concept experimentation, prototyping, pilot builds and pre-commercialisation activities, along with scientific consultancy and technical engineering.

Established in 2004 as a collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Ampcontrol, ResTech is a Registered Research Agency which spans both academia and industry by providing their clients with commercially viable solutions and intellectual capital.  ResTech can also assist customers in utilising R&D tax concessions and offsets which are offered in support of research and development in Australia. 

Being located at the University of Newcastle enables convenient access to academic staff and their research work, as well as laboratory testing space. As part of the research process, staff may be seconded to where our client's applications are located. This ensures our work remains focused and we deliver commercially viable solutions.  


Registered Research Service Provider

Take advantage of the R&D Tax Offset by partnering with ResTech. The R&D expenditure threshold is waived when using a Research Service Provider (RSP).

World Class Talent

Not only does ResTech have leading engineering capability but it also has direct access to the resources of a world leading engineering university, the University of Newcastle. ResTech is the link between the science of all things electrical and the systems that power our world. ResTech has the talent to take a concept from first principles to final product.

Collaborative Research

ResTech has a proven track record of successful, collaborative research projects. If you have a research project that requires specialist electrical, signal, control or communications fundamentals, ResTech can provide the expertise. With a rich research heritage and a close association with academic research centres, ResTech is a motivated participant in the research space.

Advanced Engineering 

Advanced Engineering

Power Systems Engineering

ResTech provides specialist power electrical engineering. If you need technical input on electrical systems from supply quality to harmonic voltage and current distortion, ResTech is a partner of choice. ResTech has the tools and experience required to simulate scenarios and solution options to minimise penalties for low power factor or excess demand, or for exceeding voltage distortion limits at your point of common coupling. ResTech clients include mining operations, chemical plants, metal electrolytic plants and aluminum smelters.

TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineering (E/EE/PES)

ResTech has a number of TÜV certified functional safety engineers to assist in AS 61508 based application and product development.

Hazardous Area Engineering

ResTech has specialist expertise in explosive atmosphere product design and solution development. Close relationships with test houses and intimate knowledge of the IEC 60079 family of standards puts ResTech in a clear advantage when it comes to explosion protected design.



Technical Investigations

ResTech undertakes forensic investigation into electrical, electronic and programmable electronic equipment failures using detailed root cause analysis. Incident investigations as well as product functional testing are carried out under legal privilege. ResTech also provides experimental verification of device operation and chemical analysis of damaged equipment.

Laboratory and Test Equipment

ResTech has extensive in-house expertise in analysis and productive experimentation. If you need seamless access to the diverse technical expertise and specialist laboratory services of the University of Newcastle or require industrial testing and manufacturing, ResTech has the professional network to get it done.

Software & Mathematical Modelling

ResTech’s design, simulation and modelling services build upon leading edge techniques to assist customers with pre-deployment risk reduction, continuous improvement and optimisation.

Product Development 

Product Development

Concept Generation

Product development is a complex multi-disciplinary process with many challenges in managing risk, creativity, productivity and time. If you aim to create a discrete component or a sophisticated technological system, whether it’s just an idea or a well-developed specification, ResTech can bring to bear the diverse expertise, creativity and experience to make it happen on time and on budget.

Requirements Specification

ResTech has significant industrial product commercialisation experience. This can be of invaluable help to articulate your needs, manage your risk profile and navigate the plethora of international standards and mandatory regulations that may be applicable for the product to be developed and deployed.

Product design & creation

ResTech provides everything from the mechanical and electronic design through to modelling and rapid prototyping, 3D printing and even access to sophisticated CNC Machining. ResTech also provides software, from the implementation of advanced algorithms, firmware and embedded systems through to full commercial applications. This is all carried out with respect to DfM (Design for Manufacturability), DfT (Design for Testing) and DfR (Design for Reliability), which are vital to achieve sustainable success in product development.



Syllabus & Content Development

ResTech can assist you in providing the engineering rigour for the content in your training package.

Training Programs

ResTech has a number of training packages in specialist mining based electrical engineering topics ranging from hazardous area systems to electrical safety in earth fault limited systems. If you have a specific technical training need, ResTech can develop and deliver custom training packages to suit your requirements.

Research and Development Tax Incentive  

ResTech's status as a Registered Research Agency allows our customers access to R&D tax incentives, providing a tax offset for eligible R&D activities including:

  • A refundable tax offset for certain eligible entities whose aggregated turnover is less than $20 million
  • A non-refundable tax offset for all other eligible entities. 

Find out more about the program and your eligibility