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Who are we?

Established in 2004 as a collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Ampcontrol, ResTech is a ISO9001:2015 accredited Research Service Provider (RSP no.41278) which spans both academia and industry by providing commercially viable solutions and intellectual capital.


ResTech has a proven track record of successful, collaborative research and product development projects using its expertise in various Engineering disciplines: electrical/electronic, signal, control, telecommunications, software and firmware.

Restech’s multidisciplinary capabilities allow it to take clever ideas and bring them to life in the real world

Product Development

Product Development

ResTech specialises in innovative, user-centric product development solutions enabling us to elevate ideas and Intellectual Property to a commercial reality.


Consulting Services

ResTech provides expert advice in power electrical engineering, explosive atmosphere product design and functional safety design, as well as forensic investigation

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

ResTech provides a unique platform for undergrads, postgrads and PhD to use their skills to deliver solutions to real-world problems and become more job-ready.

Interested in our services?

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