Sustainable Options for Developing Water Harvest and Supply

Join ResTech Principal, Clint Bruin as he explores sustainable options for developing water harvest and supply at the Australian Regional Development Conference, 11 - 12 September 2017. 

People in small communities of Regional Australia need water.

The conventional approaches to providing treated water don’t work, practically or economically. They do not readily accommodate the absence of major infrastructure and economies of scale- such as unlimited grid power, diverse support and service skills, communications infrastructure, logistics and high population density.

New thinking and collaboration can change this.

This presentation will show that by going back to system design basics. By addressing the integration of process and renewable power so that it is in sympathy with the environment and available resources, we can create a new convention. A convention that is scalable, sustainable and natural.

The presentation explains how using renewable energy in the DNA of water treatment plant design (rather than just an add-on) we can implement practical and economic water solutions for small and distributed communities.

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