ResTech Receives ACARP funding

ResTech is pleased to announce that it has been awarded ACARP funding for 2017 to continue research into electrical protection schemes in coal mines as well as funding for two additional projects in collaboration with the University of Newcastle.

ResTech received funding from ACARP in 2016 of $174,000 to undertake a broad evaluation of the adequacy of past and present systems and approaches. The aim was to develop and justify new approaches for electrical protection. The outcome of this research has led to further funding from ACARP in 2017 of $129,000 to investigate adaptive protection schemes. The aim is to provide a proof of concept demonstration to demonstrate and quantify the advantages over current practices. This work will be done in collaboration with Ampcontrol.

The first project with the University of Newcastle, is in collaboration with Dr Galina Mirzaeva from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing. ACARP funding for $158,000 was awarded to develop electrically safe VSDs. The aim is to minimise the adverse effects that are generated by VSDs by looking at alternative topologies and control of switching devices.

The second project is in collaboration with Dr Rohan Stanger from the School of Engineering. ACARP funding of $119,000 was awarded to develop a novel method to measure fine coal particle size and density which will be faster than present methods. This will allow for plant optimisation due to the faster feedback and hence improved productivity.