Video Analytic System

ResTech completed a proof of concept video image processing system to automatically detect failure of a coal wagon to properly empty while over the dump station hopper.

The proof of concept video included an overlayed, synthesised video image of a coal hangup inside a wagon, with the algorithm and decision code to highlight wagons failing to empty. There are approximately 30 different wagon types which significantly complicates conventional detection techniques based on absolute measurements.

ResTech used a heuristic interpretation of video image data (in some ways similar to human recognition) which did not rely on absolute measurements, and so coped well with the various wagon geometries, locomotives and inter-wagon coupling spaceswithout significant complexity or additional non-contact measurement equipment.

Following success of the proof of concept video, ResTech assisted local company Power Control Engineers to complete a commercial implementation. Two video analytic systems based on the ResTech proof of concept are now installed and operational at Port Waratah.