Improving efficient wind energy generation

ResTech was commissioned by Aerogenesis Australia to provide electrical engineering expertise to assist with improving efficiencies of their range of small wind turbines.

This included input into the design of the electronic controller and electrical system to allow for the turbine to become commercially viable and operational.

ResTech improved the efficiency of the electrical components of the wind turbine by incorporating a commercially available generator with customised adjustments.

ResTech's support included the design and testing of electrical components such as lightning and surge protection, underground and in-tower cabling, overspeed protection device, excitation system, central controller, user interface and the output filter.

A third continuously running turbine has been commissioned for commercial use after it demonstrated safe and autonomous performance over several months at two earlier sites.

ResTech’s ongoing involvement includes investigating further efficiency improvements, establishing supply chains, streamlining construction and installation processes and exploring connections to electrical grids.

ResTech is a partnership between Ampcontrol and The University of Newcastle and is an Australian provider of R&D to industry in electrical and electronic engineering.

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